Our history in farming goes back to the 1940s in Surry County, NC. We raised cattle and tobacco crops. In 1984, a 1000 tree peach, plum, and nectarine orchard was planted and most of the trees are still producing good yields of fruit. In addition to yellow peaches, have added trees producing white peaches, yellow and white nectarines, and plums. Check back in June, July, and August to find out what types of fruit we are harvesting each week.

From mid-June to just after July 4 holiday, we are harvesting clingstone peach varieties. This means that the flesh of the peach sticks to or clings to the seed. The fruit is excellent for eating but does have to be sliced away from the seed. After about the second week of July we have Red Haven peaches, a “semi” open stone. This peach is considered an industry standard or good flavor and for more processing options. The fruit will come away from the seed when fully ripe. From mid-July throughout the remainder of the growing season, all fruit will be open stone, meaning the fruit will come easily away from the seed which makes processing much easier.

Some of our most popular varieties include Red Haven, Norman, Biscoe, Alberta Hybrid, Winblow, Contender, Carolina Gold, and Emery. White peach varieties include Carolina Belle, China Pearl, and Georgia Belle peaches. We also sell two varieties of nectarines; Carolina Red and Red Gold Nectarines.